Ice Cream Cones Rock!

Building on my previous blog about trying to get my toddler to eat I found a new use for ice cream cones today. It started when my husband made eggs for breakfast. Once breakfast was ready he put our little girl in her high chair. Have you ever heard a child protest? Well, multiply that by ten and that's what we had on our hands. I wonder if it's time to get a booster chair for her?! What do you think? Your comments and feedback are appreciated. Anyways, dad ate all of the eggs while I tried to find something for our little one to eat on the run. Wow, she is getting spoiled but I'm hoping this is just a phase. I will be working on getting her to sit down to eat all of her meals again. But for now our main concern is getting her to eat. So, back to breakfast. I've read several recipes how you can bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and how much kids love them served this way so I decided to try muffins....blueberry muffins to be exact. I mixed a blueberry muffin mix by the package directions, mixed in a few fresh blueberries and poured the batter into ice cream cones, wrapped the cone part in foil and baked them upright. They came out GREAT and were a huge hit with our daughter. She ate it upside down from the pointy side first but she did eat it...and with a smile! YAY! Now, what will I make for lunch? Hmmnnnn....shall we go through the high chair battle again or shall I find something lunch like to serve in the leftover cones? Any suggestions???