This is something I never really thought about until tonight. My husband was going through the nighttime routine to put our daughter to bed for the night. She said goodnight with hugs and kisses to me and then dad brought her to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Next it was off to her room for a little reading, hugs and kisses and time to put the music box on. It really is an easy routine and all was going well shut off the light and found the nightlights bulb had blown out. As the room went pitch dark our daughter started wailing. Luckily we found another nightlight in the house that used the same bulb type and switched them out. Then, because her routine was skewed, it took another hour to get our daughter to sleep. So moms and dads...don't forget to have a back-up for the ole nightlight! I know I will be running to the store tomorrow to make sure we are covered!!!